Fiat Chrysler to Extend CNG Ram 2500 Range Late 2015

Fiat Chrysler to Extend CNG Ram 2500 Range Late 2015

Fiat Chrysler has decided to expand the range of configurations for its Ram compressed natural gas (CNG) powered pickup truck, from late 2015. David Elshoff of Ram Truck Media Relations explained to NGV Global the range will be quadrupled to give fleet buyers more options. Currently, Ram offers only the Ram 2500 pickup with crew cab and four-wheel-drive as a CNG-powered truck. Later this year, buyers will also be able to select regular cab and two-wheel-drive versions.

The first Ram 2500 CNG pickups rolled off the production line in October 2012. Fiat Chrysler decribes the CNG version as the only OEM-built compressed natural gas-powered pickup truck in North America and has now sold about 1,000 natural gas vehicles (NGVs).

Fitted with two CNG cylinders (volume for both tanks is the equivalent of 18.2 gasoline gallons), the current Ram CNG is capable of appoximately 255 miles on natural gas depending on load and road conditions. As a bi-fuel vehicle, it is able to automatically switch to gasoline to expand the range to 367 miles with the standard 8-gallon gasoline tank, or 745 miles with the optional 35-gallon gasoline tank.

Designed originally for fleet operators but later made available to private buyers, the Ram CNG trucks offer cost and emissions benefits, using an abundant, domestically sourced fuel, which reduces America’s dependence on foreign oil. CNG lessens the environmental impact of greenhouse gas and reduces smog-producing pollutants up to 90 percent.

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