European businesses address LNG distribution and future of the sector

European businesses address LNG distribution and future of the sector

The distribution of LNG on a small scale, transparency of the gas market and make gas the fossil fuel for the transition to the generalization of renewable energy are the three major challenges for the European gas companies. This has been revealed in the autumn plenary meeting of Gas LNG Europe (GLE), held at Reganosa’s facilities in Mugardos, Spain.

The Gas LNG Europe (GLE) is an entity representing European operators of LNG. The meeting had the participation of representatives of the 16 plants integrated into the organization, which accumulate 90% of the regasification capacity.

The transformation of the regasification plants into distribution centers of LNG on a small scale, especially for marine fuel, is a line of work in which all terminals of the continent will operate, and is expected to constitute a decisive factor to reach a cleaner shipping thanks to the gases emission reduction. GLE also expects that natural gas will be consolidated as the transition fuel towards “decarbonization” and as the backup fuel once it reaches the full implementation of renewable energies. Similarly, the meeting also unified criteria to give greater transparency to the gas market.

In this new framework, the president of GLE, Win Groenindijk, said that the progress of the sector to the new environment has already begun, because “our plants are becoming LNG distribution centers also retaining its conventional role, which remains vital for the gas system.”

The choice of Reganosa’s facilities in Ferrol’s port to hold the meeting reflects the interest shown by members of GLE in knowing them, since it is a very active plant in the new services of LNG, especially in developing traffic on a small scale.

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