ESPO: LNG Bunkers Most Promising Medium Term Solution for Shipping Emissions

ESPO: LNG Bunkers Most Promising Medium Term Solution for Shipping Emissions

The European Sea Ports Organisation(ESPO) says it sees liquefied natural gas (LNG) bunkers as the most

promising medium-term solution to address ship emissions, World Maritime News reports.

The organisation notes that other alternative fuels, such as methanol also show promise as an emissions

solution for the shipping industry in the future.

ESPO/EcoPorts' latest environmental review for 2016 showed that one out of five ports in

Europe can arrange LNG bunkering upon request – in most cases by truck-to- ship supply.

Still, while LNG is noted to be becoming more widely accepted as a viable marine fuel by industry

stakeholders, ESPO acknowledges that current low oil prices have presented a challenge to the business

case for the fuel.

ESPO also advocates the increased use of shore power to reduce ship emissions at ports, highlighting

that 20 percent of European ports now provide shore power to sea-going vessels at least at one berth.

ESPO says in December it joined the Think Climate coalition, which is brought together under the World

Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure (PIANC), and is now supporting the coalition’s

Navigating a Changing Climate initiative.

The initiative is said to be aimed at encouraging owners, operators, and users of waterborne transport

infrastructure to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through the use of low carbon maritime and

inland navigation infrastructure.

"Through an unprecedented collaboration, the partners in PIANC’s Think Climate coalition have

committed to work together to help the inland and maritime navigation infrastructure sector respond to

climate change," commented ESPO.

Earlier this month, 14 major industry players announced that they had come together to form a cross-

industry coalition known SEA\LNG, intended accelerate the adoption of LNG as marine fuel. lng-bunkers- most-promising- medium-term-

solution-for- shipping-emissions

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