Eagle LNG Achieves Major Milestone

Eagle LNG Achieves Major Milestone

Eagle LNG Partners (“Eagle LNG”) is pleased to announce it has achieved a major milestone by submitting drafts of Resource Reports 1 through 12 to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). With this submission, the project is closer to receiving the necessary permits and approvals to commence construction and operation of its planned 0.55 mtpa liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility in Jacksonville, Florida.

“This submission significantly advances our position in the FERC process,” said Dick Brown, CEO of Eagle LNG. “We are pleased that the project continues to gain momentum while simultaneously receiving tremendous support from the City of Jacksonville and North Florida region. We continue to work with interested clients and stakeholders to move toward start-up and commissioning in 2018.”

The Jacksonville facility will service local domestic applications and nearby small-scale export markets. “Eagle LNG is bullish about the potential for natural gas to displace heavy fuel oil and diesel. This is another important project deliverable that Eagle LNG has achieved on schedule,” said Mr. Brown.

FERC and relevant government agencies will now review the draft reports and provide feedback to Eagle LNG. Eagle LNG continues to prepare draft Resource Report 13, engineering and design material, and anticipates filing in due course. Upon FERC review of all 13 Resource Reports, and Eagle LNG addressing concerns identified by FERC, Eagle LNG anticipates FERC will grant Filing status.

Eagle LNG strives to maintain a transparent application process. Interested parties will be able to monitor the Jacksonville LNG Project application process on our website www.eaglelng.com.

Eagle LNG is a joint venture owned equally by Ferus Natural Gas Fuels and GE Ventures. Each consortium member brings specific and complimentary expertise to regional LNG projects that supply clean‐burning, competitively‐priced fuel for the long‐haul trucking, rail, mining, marine, and oil and gas service industries.




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