Duque unveils first car fueled by green hydrogen produced in Colombia

Six months after the announcement of the Hydrogen Roadmap, Colombia launched the first electrolyzer in the country, located in Ecopetrol’s Cartagena Refinery, and which strengthens the energy transition developed by the national government. There, President Iván Duque refuel with this ecological energy and drove a Mirai vehicle, supplied by Toyota. The refueling station was provided by Linde. The country’s first project that injects hydrogen into the natural gas network was also put into operation by Promigas.

“What we are seeing and witnessing in Reficar is a historic event in Colombia’s energy. Today the first car with green hydrogen produced by Ecopetrol is rolling in the most modern refinery in Latin America,” said Duque, stating that the most convincing fact is that the country ratifies that “on March 18, Ecopetrol has just installed this first electrolyzer.”

The president also affirmed that Colombia will be a power in the production and export of green hydrogen. “Today we are regional leaders in the energy transition towards 2030. But by 2030, we will be the largest exporter of green hydrogen in all Latin America and the Caribbean. And that is achieved with actions, with purposes and that future starts today,” he explained.

In addition, he commented that the difficult situation in Europe and the world due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine also motivates the adoption of alternatives. “Europe will not be able to continue to glimpse its future depending on gas from Russia. And they know that they have to diversify and look for reliable, safe sources, but above all green, clean in terms of emissions; and that also allow them to generate the transition,” he concluded.


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