DHL introduces Teardrop trailers and LNG truck in Belgium

DHL introduces Teardrop trailers and LNG truck in Belgium

Global mail and logistics company Deutsche Post DHL has launched two Teardrop trailers and one LNG-Truck in Belgium, expanding its ‘green fleet’.

The firm has partnered with Ninatrans, who will be operating the vehicles as well.

Expected to feature alternative drive systems and aerodynamic modifications, the vehicles add to DHL’s existing fleet of almost 11,500 vehicles.

The teardrop trailers, by Don-Bur, have been designed aerodynamically with a curved roof. The trailers can help reduce fuel consumption by 5% to 10% compared to regular heavy-load trucks as it lowers air resistance.

The LNG-Truck, which has been built by Iveco, runs on natural gas, and promises decreased fuel usage.


DHL Express vice president road network Europe Patrick Boone said: “Green transport solutions are a vital part in modern logistics operations. We have been working with our partners and customers to create tailor made answers to their transport needs. The teardrop trailer and the LNG-truck perfectly represent this approach and will help to reduce the environmental impact of the operations.”

The new vehicle launch is in line with the firm’s ‘Strategy 2020’, which focuses on coming up with green business solutions and improving carbon efficiency, DHL said.

In June this year, DHL had initially launched the tear-drop trailers in mainland Europe. Aiming to improve CO2 emissions by 30 percent by 2020, the group has already deployed over 1,100 such trailers in the UK.

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