Convert old diesel buses to CNG: NGT to neighbours

Convert old diesel buses to CNG: NGT to neighbours

National Green Tribunal (NGT) on Thursday asked the neighbouring states of Rajasthan, UP , Punjab and Haryana to convert their diesel buses that are 10-15 years old to CNG. The states have been given a week to reply on the matter and come up with suggestions to frame a policy for conversion.

In October, the green bench had rapped the states for not being clear on their policy for CNG vehicles. NGT had referred to a study jointly conducted by TERI and University of California in San Diego, which revealed more than 40% of PM2.5 was being contributed by sources outside the NCR.

“What have you done with regard to introduction of CNG stations in your areas? We had asked you to submit your response on the issue,“ a bench headed by NGT chairperson Swatanter Kumar had asked in October. “I am being told that over 50% of pollution in Delhi is caused by fine particulate matter, which originates from neighbouring states. The air quality in Delhi is getting worse. You should take every measure to introduce CNG stations in your states. If you don’t, we will stop your state transport.“

NGT asked the states to look into changing single cylinders in old buses to double cylinders to increase the carrying capacity of CNG. The Delhi government on NGT orders had submitted air quality data from November 1-December 12, showing theaverage variation of all pollutants. CPCB has been directed to give similar data.

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