CNG vehicle conversions increased more than 700% in Bolivia

CNG vehicle conversions increased more than 700% in Bolivia

The General Director of the Executing Entity for CNG Conversion (EEC-GNV), Fernando Salinas, reported

that the Nationalization of Hydrocarbons allowed 132,717 vehicles switched free to CNG since 2011 to

date. These conversions, along with those made before the creation of the program, generated more

than US$ 250 million savings to the nation in the resources allocated to the subsidy of gasoline over the

past 5 years.

“The recovery of ownership of the hydrocarbons, through the Nationalization, allowed our nation to

pursue the policy of changing the energy grid by Free CNG Conversion Program,” said Salinas.

Until 2005, there were only 37,962 vehicles using CNG. In the 2006-2016 period, the figure rose by 722%

amounting to 349,973 vehicles using natural gas as the primary fuel. Among this fleet, 132,717 were

converted free by the EEC-GNV.

Since 2011, the EEC-GNV provides free conversion kits, CNG cylinders and payment for the installation of

equipment in authorized workshops. The owners of vehicles using this fuel obtain more than 50%

savings in fuel costs.

The EEC-GNV also develops the Cylinder Reclassification Program that provides security and

sustainability to CNG conversions by specialized technical review every 5 years. Since 2011, more than

40,000 free reclassifications were done with resources from the Conversion Fund.

“Nationalization is a political and economic measure that recovers ownership of our natural resources to

benefit all Bolivians. CNG conversion, cylinder reclassification, conversion of diesel vehicles to CNG and

implementation of other programs are results that reach the entire population through policies of our

President Evo,” stressed Salinas.

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