CNG compressed natural gas station opens in Mulberry

CNG compressed natural gas station opens in Mulberry

MULBERRY — If you’ve driven around Mulberry in the last couple weeks there’s a chance you’ve spotted a brand new gas station. But it’s not a normal gas station. There is no attendant and the fuel isn’t like what most vehicles are used to.

“This is compressed natural gas. It’s cleaner and cheaper than diesel,” said Dillon Transport truck driver Curtis Davisson. “It takes less time to fill up and we don’t have the hassle to try to fuel up.”

It’s less of a hassle for drivers and Dillon Transport. The trucking company teamed up with Trillim CNG to bring the compressed natural gas station to Mulberry and make it open to the public.

Just to be clear, you can’t just drive your car up here and pump the gas at the station. Your car has to be outfitted for CMG.

“Without a CNG fuel package you would be unable to fuel it at this station, as it is strictly a CNG station,” Dillon Transport terminal leader Nick Saban said. “There’s no fossil fuel here as far as gasoline and diesel.”

Saban has one of those sport utility vehicles that use compressed natural gas. He said this gas station is a look into the future of gas for all vehicles, especially in the trucking industry.

“It’s gonna be a great source and it’s gonna be the wave of the future as far as the trucking industry goes,” Saban said

A major piece of the future in a small corner of Polk County.

There are a number of CNG fuel stations in the state. The company says they added this latest one in Mulberry because their its client, Mosaic, is located there.

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