Calgary benefits from fleet of over 100 propane-fueled school buses

Calgary benefits from fleet of over 100 propane-fueled school buses

Superior Propane has partnered with Southland Transportation to fuel 101 buses serving the Calgary Board of Education – a partnership that is proving to be very beneficial particularly in recent Canadian cold temperatures. Southland made the change from diesel-fueled buses in order to increase vehicle efficiency, provide an environmentally cleaner fuel, and to improve reliability and engine performance.

With the onset of winter, the benefit of switching to propane fuel for the fleet of buses has been especially clear, according to Vice President of Southland Transportation, Tom Jezersek. “Our Superior Propane buses start easily in the cold temperatures, which means we can get our passengers reliably to and from school in all temperatures. And because we don’t need to use oil pan heaters, our buses are both more reliable and safer for our drivers and our passengers,” he said.

The switch has also provided a one-stop solution to improve fleet’s efficiency and impact on the environment. “The simple installation of Superior Propane’s refueling dispensers in our yard gives drivers a one-stop service infrastructure that makes a major impact on the time spent on bus maintenance,” added Jezersek. “This has eliminated a time consuming journey to fill up, saving Southland additional maintenance and fuel costs, while also helping us lower our carbon footprint while producing less greenhouse gas emissions.”

Moreover, Joe Russo, Director of Oilfield Sales at Superior Propane, commented: “By providing a more accessible option with high safety performance in all types of Canadian weather, we are allowing Southland staff to dedicate their focus to the role they play in passenger experience and safety.”

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