Brazil: BHTrans plans to test natural gas technology in bus service

Brazil: BHTrans plans to test natural gas technology in bus service

Transport and Transit Company of Belo Horizonte (BHTrans) intends to trial a bus powered by natural gas, which offers environmental benefits and enables both operation costs and ticket price reductions.

In 2012, a natural gas vehicle from Iveco, which has a manufacturing plant in the town of Sete Lagoas, in central Minas Gerais, was in operation in one of the metropolitan mass transit routes, through a partnership with the state government. Now, the planning director of BHTrans Celio Freitas has informed the transit company also seeks to conduct tests. “We had a meeting with Iveco, before the World Cup, and we show them the market opportunities in Belo Horizonte. The company was going to assess whether there is a commercial interest in the project. We are waiting for their answer,” said Freitas.

The executive also reported that he talked to providers from Argentina in order to test this technology in the capital city of the state. “Our goal is to promote the technology, gain greater scale for its use. But now, every effort has to be made by the industry offering,” he added.

Although it is not yet certain whether natural gas buses will reach the capital and which model will be used, the 2012 experience demonstrate that the propulsion system can provide both environmental and economic benefits.

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