Biogas Wipptal is Iveco Ambassador for its bet on bio-LNG mobility

Biogas Wipptal is Iveco Ambassador for its bet on bio-LNG mobility

IVECO has named Biogas Wipptal as IVECO Ambassador for its commitment to NGV mobility through the production of bio-LNG. This is the fourth appointment in the brand’s international IVECO Ambassador program launched last year to give a voice to customers and partners who share the same vision, with sustainability as a core value of their strategy. The choice of Biogas Wipptal was the result of a global selection process that included all the stakeholders in the sustainability value chain, and follows the election of the Italian companies GLS Italy and Gruppo Maganetti, and Nicholls Transport in the UK. As part of the program, IVECO has dedicated to Biogas Wipptal 50 trees in the “IVECO Forest” of trees planted through its partnership with e-commerce platform Treedom.

“It is an honour for us at IVECO acknowledge Biogas Wipptal’s commitment to sustainability, recognising it as a virtuous example of circular economy that not only brings benefits to the environment, but also increases energy independence and reduces reliance on expensive chemical fertilisers,” said Giandomenico Fioretti, IVECO Head of Alternative Propulsion Business Development. “In fact, bio-LNG, when used as fuel in heavy-duty vehicles, represents a valuable resource to completely decarbonize logistic operations, with no compromise in terms of performance and mission coverage compared to conventional diesel propulsions. In addition, biomethane is also one of the key solutions identified and supported by the European commission through a specific production target of 35 bcm by 2030, set by the REPowerEU plan. Biogas Wipptal’s approach is testament to the key role that bio-LNG has to play in a sustainable future – in the transport industry and beyond.”

Manfred Gius, CEO of Biogas Wipptal, commented: “We are very pleased and grateful for being named IVECO Ambassador. As market leader in LNG-powered heavy trucks, IVECO has taken a further important step towards sustainability in transport. As a producer of bio-LNG, we close the circle to achieve a CO2 reduction of up to 95%. With our production of around 11 tons of bio-LNG per day, we can fuel close to 30 trucks – a valuable contribution to climate protection. In the context of decarbonisation, we see ourselves as a bridge between the worlds of agriculture and transport, as both can benefit from our biogas plant.”

Biogas Wipptal is a company made up of 62 dairy farms operating in the Alta Valle Isarco in the Northern Italy South Tyrol region. The company uses livestock waste to produce fertilizer through a fermentation process, reducing nitrate pollution of agricultural land. At the same time, the organic fertilisers produced by the company are returned to agriculture, in vineyards and orchards, in a circular economy model based on innovation and the involvement of local stakeholders. In the process, the company transports 150,000 tons of solid manure and slurry using modern vehicles.

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