Bioceanic project will cover part of South America with ethanol/CNG car

Bioceanic project will cover part of South America with ethanol/CNG car

The initiative featuring a Ford Ka powered with ethanol and natural gas began on January 20 at gas company Bahiagás headquarters, Brazil, and will tour Bolivia, Chile and part of Peru. Proposed by the Surear Institute for the Promotion of  Integration in Latin America and sponsored by the dealership, it seeks to spread the potential of alternative fuels on the way, and evaluate vehicle performance and technology. Return to Salvador de Bahia is expected on February 11.

The new Ford Ka Hatch (modified to three CNG cylinders of the four that normally has a car, plus an external 5-liter tank of ethanol), is driven by project coordinator and secretary of Surear, Fabrizzio Cedraz, and head of the Department of History of Ufba (Federal University of Bahia), Lina Aras, who is collecting data and helping in the researches carried out on the journey.

Before leaving, the team made the official launch of the “Travesía Bioceánica EGNV” in Bahiagás headquarters in Camaçari, where Cedraz presented all the details of the project. One of the topics addressed was the journey route. “We will map all the important points that need CNG supply. The idea is to transform this route into an alternative corridor in South America, such as the European Blue Corridor,” Cedraz said.

“This project is very important and strategic for us because it matches disclosure and dissemination of CNG with the search for energy efficiency and technological innovation. For a business like natural gas for vehicles, it is interesting to break prejudices, show the citizens that it is a safe and economic fuel, and that conversion is possible,” said Bahiagás CEO Luis Gavazza.

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