Avista Utilities Wins Approval to Build CNG Stations

Avista Utilities Wins Approval to Build CNG Stations

The Oregon Public Utility Commission (PUC) says it has cleared the way for Avista Utilities to offer compressed natural gas (CNG) service to its non-residential customers, primarily those with fleets of trucks.

 Under the PUC order, Avista can build, own and maintain CNG fueling equipment, including compressors and dispensing equipment, located at its non-residential customer locations. Although primarily for fleet customer locations, public third-party-owned petroleum fueling stations that want to dispense CNG could potentially use this service.

 “Oregon is taking another step toward diversifying our transportation fuel mix by encouraging the use of natural gas vehicles,” says PUC Chair Susan Ackerman.

 According to the PUC, customers must enter into a minimum 10-year services agreement with Avista Utilities. Any contract the utility enters into would remain in effect through the life of the deal, even if the PUC decides to discontinue or modify Avista’s approval after a two-year review.

 In its filing with the commission, Avista indicated it is pursuing this service in response to inquiries from public and private fleet operators. Avista will design, plan, engineer, permit, construct, install, inspect, test and maintain the facilities.

Avista Utilities is based in Spokane, Wash., and serves approximately 85,000 Oregon customers.



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