Argentina plans to equip 500 CNG refueling stations in Russia

Argentina plans to equip 500 CNG refueling stations in Russia

The Argentinian Minister of Industry Débora Giorgi and Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov met yesterday for more than two hours to work on specific projects relative to bilateral industrial integration within the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding both ministers will sign on Thursday in the presence of the presidents Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and Vladimir Putin.

Ministers advanced in the possibility that Argentinian companies would supply 500 CNG stations to be installed in Russia, with an export potential of USD 150 to 200 million from Argentina-based companies Galileo, Aspro and Agira, among other. The initiative will take place under the National Plan for the Promotion of Natural Gas for Vehicles which was launched in Russia last year.

Galileo, Aspro and Agira are already working with GGT -a subsidiary of Gazprom responsible for the purchases from Argentinian companies- and Russian companies Barrens, Promenergomash, Kurganhimmash. Manturov promotes the establishment of Argentinian companies in the industrial parks of Russia, in order to gain access to promotional benefits offered there.

They also evaluated the installation of liquefaction plants to produce LNG. In that sense, Giorgi reported on the progress of the company Galileo and Russia’s Rosneft in the provision of three liquefaction plants (located in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Siberia).

Representatives of GGT asked Giorgi to exchange experiences on the policy and legal framework for transport, storage and distribution of CNG, given the Argentina experience using this fuel.

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