Argentina: 30 years of NGV industry

Argentina: 30 years of NGV industry

On December 21 a new anniversary of the industry was celebrated in Argentina since that day in 1984 the first CNG facility opened in the city of Buenos Aires, at the intersection of the Leandro N. Alem and Córdoba avenues, on an YPF filling station. Since then, technological advances continued alongside conversions of vehicles and engines, and while searching for solutions to meet user needs new players were added to the market.

The opening ceremony was attended by former President Raúl Alfonsín. In those years of returning to democracy, several factors boosted the implementation of a national NGV project: prolific natural gas reserves, pipelines infrastructure, Ministry of Energy’s support, regulations and the whole industry that pushed to perform the installation of equipment and the construction of service stations. The regulatory framework was completed with another ruling given in 1987 by the Ministry of Commerce, through Decree 1752, which declared CNG as a “National Interest”.

The launching of that first CNG station was part of the Plan of Liquid Fuels Substitution developed by the Department of Energy, YPF and Gas del Estado.

In these 30 years, the NGV industry has become an entrenched sector in the country, while research and development of local companies made Argentine products an undeniable reference worldwide. Currently, there are 1,690,327 natural gas vehicles authorized for circulation, according to data provided by the Enargas in November 2014. Moreover, the fueling stations offering CNG total 1,939.


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