Android CNG Station App for NGV Drivers in Germany

Android CNG Station App for NGV Drivers in Germany

Erdgas Mobil, an initiative of leading German energy providers, has introduced an android version of its iOS app with new features and updated design which enables drivers of natural gas vehicles (NGVs) to easily locate the nearest CNG gas filling stations in Germany. A driver can enter her/his location (city or postcode) into a search field and results will be displayed in a list as well as map view.

Each CNG filling station location comes with the current natural gas price, details of payment options, store opening hours, blending quota of Biomethane and available natural gas type. A quick click of the app and the station location is transfered to your desired navigation program.

The app also incorporates new useful features such as a price and update detector. It is available from the respective App Store free of charge.

There is also a facility for the NGV driver to report changes at stations to the database, such as dispenser closed for maintenance, with Erdgas Mobil vetting messages before uploading.

If a driver finds they have to queue for a short time, the app also provides NGV-related news that includes updates on new models and pricing advantage.

Finally, it includes a promotional tool aimed at the would-be NGV driver, “because it shows impressively how often you actually drove past a gas station, ” said Dr. Timm Kehler, director of erdgas mobil GmbH.

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