1000MW electricity production thru LNG system in mid 2015: Asif

1000MW electricity production thru LNG system in mid 2015: Asif

SIALKOT: Federal Minister for Water and Power  Khawaja Muhammad Asif has said that the government has focused on developing the LNG system for power generation purposes in the country, saying that the LNG system would be helpful in producing the cheaper electricity.

He said that the government would soon lay down a LNG pipeline between Karachi-Sindh and Punjab. He said that the government was also establishing small power generation plants in Sindh and Punjab to produce electricity through LNG, adding that this production would also help in 17 to 18 percent reduction power line losses in the country.

He stated this while addressing an important meeting of the Sialkot business community held at Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) here the other day. He said that the government was completing its economical stabilizing agenda by taking the business community of the country in to the confidence.

The Federal Minister added that the projects of establishing the LNG power generating plants would be completed in 2017, which would pave the way of getting rid of the load shedding of the electricity across the country. In the addition of LNG, he said that the government while using LNG gas in power plants, would be able to get 1000MW electricity by the mid of 2015.

Asif disclosed the Chinese energy sector companies were making hectic efforts to develop the Pakistan’s energy sector, as the Chinese companies would complete the projects of establishing several coal and hydel power producing plants in Pakistan till 2017, as these small power projects would provide 6400 megawatts electricity to the national grid of Pakistan.

The Federal Minister added that the federal government has suffered a great financial loss of Rs. 16 billion in a month for providing the gas to country’s textile sector.

Asif revealed that government was making all- out sincere efforts to ensure the continuity of its trade and economic policies by taking the business community into confidence, besides, paving the way towards the goal of economical stability in the county, saying that the continuity of the long and short- term economical policies was vital to boost the national economy and to take the national economy in taking-off position.

He added that the direly needed national economical development was the first and top priority of the PML-N government, as it would show maximum flexibility besides taking all the needed steps to boost and develop national economy.



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