Dear xxxxxxxx

As you are all aware, most of the normal work has been seriously, if not irrevocably impacted by the COVID19 crisis. The Oil and Gas industry also has seen tough times with sharp drop in business but there are some signs of demand increasing and we hope things will improve faster.

Under such compelling situation, Natural Gas Society plans to host a webinar on City Gas Distribution O & M activities during the Pandemic Challenges and Way Forward. I look forward to your active participation as a speaker.

We are in the process of finalizing the program around the proposed date of Tuesday 12th August, 2020. We shall be grateful if you would confirm the date and agree to speak on the following topic – “CEO/MDs’ view on current and future O&M Challenges in the CGD sector” I look forward to your acceptance per return.

To confirm please Fill the REGISTRATION FORM

Thanking you and with best regards

Natural Gas Society

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