Yangon network buses to get special fuel

Yangon network buses to get special fuel

The supply of compressed natural gas (CNG) will be only for public buses in the new network, Yangon Region’s chief minister Phyo Min Thein told a press conference.

 “We held negotiations about the supply of CNG. Any buses that are not included in public transport system cannot use the CNG. I am not saying all vehicles will be using CNG but some trucks and taxis already run on CNG,” he said.

 The regional government is working to establish a CNG distribution network. 

 “Some buses run on diesel, which is expensive and harms the environment. We held negotiations with fuel stations which sell CNG,” said the chief minister.

 Regional minister for agriculture, livestock breeding, forestry and energy Han Tun said: “The increasing number of stations is dependent on the construction of pipelines and the suppliers. We will allow the construction based on our experiences after the public transport system starts.” 

 The minister said the regional government would help transport companies to be successful.

 There were 41 fuel stations in Yangon which could supply CNG, the government said, with 31 already providing the fuel. 


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