Worthington Industries unveils compressed natural gas trailer

Worthington Industries unveils compressed natural gas trailer

Worthington Industries, Inc. has launched a multiple element gas container (MEGC) to its alternative fuels storage and transportation portfolio. Designed for long-term storage and transportation of CNG, these containers make CNG accessible where it is not available by pipeline. Manufactured at Worthington Industries’ Slupsk, Poland location, the containers are certified to ADR/TPED and are available to global markets excluding North America.

“Worthington’s multiple element gas container supports our customers’ interests in offering CNG to emerging markets where natural gas pipelines are not yet established,” said Geoff Gilmore, president of Worthington Industries’ Pressure Cylinders business. “The MEGC adds another dimension to our onboard fuel storage portfolio and is part of our strategy to offer products for every stage of natural gas storage and transport.”

Worthington’s MEGCs feature lightweight, Type III composite cylinders, which offer dual benefits of increased payload capacity and durability. The Type III-based gas container increases the amount of gas transported with each load when compared to a traditional steel tube trailer.

Compared to Type IV cylinders, Type III cylinders are more durable, making them ideal for rough road conditions typically found in locations where pipeline infrastructure is not yet established. The gas containers are designed and certified to store and transport CNG for fueling vehicles, but can be modified to store and transport industrial gases as well.


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