World’s largest LNG bunkering operation took place in Singapore


World’s largest LNG bunkering operation took place in Singapore

Titan LNG successfully completed the largest LNG bunkering in the world. HEEREMA’s new LNG-powered crane ship ‘Sleipnir’ that was just completed in Singapore, was supplied with over 3000 metric tons of the chilled fuel. This is the largest quantity of LNG that has ever been bunkered and proves that this clean fuel is available anywhere now. Moreover, the business case for LNG-powered vessels remains very compelling and hurdles are coming down for the widespread adoption of this fuel.

“It was a complex project to supply this eight-legged innovative crane vessel. I’d like to thank Pavilion Gas and SLNG for the support in Singapore and Anthony Veder and Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement, our shipping partners, which completed this Dutch-Singaporean project. Titan LNG looks forward to supplying HEEREMA with more LNG in the future to fulfil our mission of lowering harmful emissions of the marine and industrial sector,” said Niels den Nijs, CEO Titan LNG.

Koos-Jan van Brouwershaven, CEO HEEREMA, also commented: “Not only is the Sleipnir the world’s largest and strongest vessel, it is also first of its kind as far as sustainability goes. Sustainability is an integral part of HMC’s identity, embedded in our daily work practices. But we intend to do far more than that. It shows that we act sustainable because we want to. Not because we have to. This specific project of bunkering LNG is proof of this ambition. We are very pleased to work together with Dutch Company Titan LNG, since it provided us with good solutions for bunkering, in Singapore as well as in Spain.”

Titan LNG chartered the Coral Fraseri for this delivery, the newest addition of the Anthony Veder small scale LNG pool of vessels. The ship loaded in Singapore at the SLNG terminal where Titan LNG sourced the fuel from Pavilion Gas, the Singaporean gas and LNG supplier. The Coral Fraseri followed the Sleipnir offshore and performed a ship-to-ship operation to cool down and fill the tanks.

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