What’s cooking? PNG demand increases in the Bangalore city

What’s cooking? PNG demand increases in the Bangalore city

People in the city are accepting it; may reach 1.3 lakh houses by 2020

Piped natural gas is slowly but steadily gaining popularity among Bengalureans.

By the end of March, approximately 25,000 houses in the city are to be connected with PNG, and it is estimated that by 2020, 1.32 lakh houses in city will be connected to the PNG network.

With these figures in mind, Bangalore Mirror carried out a reality check on the differences between PNG and LPG.

BEL Colony in Jalahalli seemed the ideal place to carry out such a study, as of the 1,283 houses in the colony, 818 houses have PNG connections.

It is one of the first PSU colonies in Bengaluru to have such a widespread piped connection, and the remaining establishments are soon going to shift to it.

A restaurant right at the entrance of the quarters has a com mercial establishment that started using PNG since March last year.

Owner Jnanadeva Nayak said that in addition to a 20 per cent discount, the safety aspect of the piped connection has helped them to make the transition from LPG.

“We get a continuous supply, and at the end of the month, get a bill like that of an electricity bill.The pressure of the gas is similar to that of LPG, and the danger of leakage is reduced to a great extent as the regulator gets switched off automatically in case there is a leakage anywhere in the pipe. Once it gets off, we can fix the leakage and switch it on again,“ Nayak said, pointing to a round regulator kind of lever attached to the pipe which supplies the gas.

Most of the residents of the colony who are using the piped connection consider its budget and environment friendly aspect its biggest pluses.

“From paying more than Rs 540 per cylinder for our family of five, which we could use for a maximum month and a half, there is PNG which merely came up to Rs 300 for two months. I have experienced that it even cooks food faster. Everything is quicker by at least 5-6 minutes. As it is a bio-fuel, I also feel good that we are using an ecofriendly product,“ Swathi, a resi dent of BEL Colony, said.

Users agreed unanimously that another winning aspect is that they do not have to book the cylinder and wait for it to be delivered.

Furthermore, no cylinder means additional space in shrinking Bengaluru homes. Plus the fear of a cylinder bursting is also taken care of.

“With kids in the home, I am more carefree now“ Bharathi Tripathi, a homemaker and PNG user explained.

“Also, the maintenance is great.We need to give them a call and they are here within minutes,“ she added.

However, there are some skeptics who are questioning the safety aspect of PNG.

“What is the guarantee that there won’t be a fire or any other hazard with PNG? This thing being directly connected is scarier for me.I am willing to stick to the conventional messy method, but not try something because till now nothing has gone wrong with it,“ Sushila Kumar, a homemaker and resident of Malleswaram, opined.

“It does sound great. But with the kind of infrastructure provided here, it is a little scary. Corruption may land us with sub-standard products and when projects involving dangerous material are involved, I feel we are still not at that place.“ A resident of Rajajinagar, who did not want to be named, said.


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