Volvo’s new LNG-powered model refills for the first time in Finland

Volvo’s new LNG-powered model refills for the first time in Finland

Volvo has introduced the first LNG-powered heavy-duty truck offering a viable alternative for heavy regional and long-haul operations in Finland. Announced to the market in late 2017, the Volvo FH LNG is a concrete alternative to diesel engines for long-haul applications, including for towing full trailers. Manufactured in Gothenburg, Sweden, the natural gas-powered 6×2 truck was refueled at Gasum’s Turku filling station.

Utilizing LNG contributes towards the achievement of Finland’s emission targets and a carbon-neutral future. “As regards heavy-duty fleets, LNG is the best alternative to diesel among the currently available solutions. The tank-to-wheel carbon dioxide emissions of the new Volvo FH LNG truck are at least 20% lower than those from fossil fuel use. The demand for the new model has been a positive surprise, and the first orders have already been submitted to the factory,” said Volvo Business Solutions Manager Vesa Soppi.

LNG-powered vehicles can be refueled at Gasum’s LNG filling stations, of which there are currently four in Finland: in Helsinki, Vantaa, Turku and Jyväskylä. According to the Vehicular and Driver Data Register, there are more than 4,600 natural gas-fueled vehicles in use in Finland. The number increased by around 1,000 over the first quarter of 2018.

“We are very excited to be now able to offer a more efficient and cleaner alternative to diesel in heavy long-haul transport. We know that the number of LNG-powered vehicles will increase in Finland. There is clear demand among our customers for LNG vehicles as enterprises want to cut their costs as well as their emissions in the various parts of the value chain. Volvo is one of Finland’s best-selling heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers and this a popular model,” added Jani Arala, Senior Manager, Sales, Gasum.

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