Valladolid bus operator awards agreement to acquire 57 new NGVs

Valladolid bus operator awards agreement to acquire 57 new NGVs

AUVASA’s (Autobuses Urbanos de Valladolid) contracting board for the framework agreement for the acquisition of CNG urban buses resolved the award to SOLARIS BUS IBERICA S.L.U. It is a bidding process that will allow to renew vehicles that, in some cases, are over 20 years old. The agreement with Solaris supposes the incorporation of 35 rigid and 22 articulated buses during the next four years, being IVECO Spain also classified in the scope of this agreement.

With the chosen tender formula (framework agreement), it was possible to obtain not only competitive prices in the context of a high-volume contract, but also buses with complete technical characteristics in accordance with the requirements of AUVASA and of the passengers who use these vehicles daily. Therefore, this renovation allows to achieve a substantial improvement in the service provided, with a modern fleet that meets new standards of comfort and operation, equipped with advanced equipment and that, in addition, will reduce the high maintenance costs.

The new CNG buses will have engines that meet the Euro VI step E regulations, optimizing energy efficiency levels with lower levels of polluting emissions, reduced noise pollution and a significant improvement in ride and driving comfort. All of them will have three doors, as well as advanced air conditioning systems with HEPA filter and indoor air quality measurement (the latter being of special interest in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic).

In addition, and in accordance with the technical specifications requested in the context of the framework agreement, the addition of the new 57 NGVs will make it possible to unify aspects related to interior and exterior bodywork, distribution of spaces and seats inside the buses, additional equipment and accessibility, and aspects related to the driving position.

Once the framework agreement has been awarded, the necessary procedures will be expedited to dispose of the first 15 buses in an approximate period of eight months.

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