United States: Dane County invests $10M in clean fuel infrastructure

United States: Dane County invests $10M in clean fuel infrastructure

County Executive Joe Parisi announced a $10 million investment in clean fuel infrastructure, as part of his 2022 budget proposal. He also announced Dane County’s intention to be net zero on carbon emissions for county buildings and fleets by 2030. These are Dane County’s latest efforts to reduce emissions, increase renewable energy production, and capitalize financially on acting in the best interest of the planet.

“The flooding, fires, and extreme temperatures gripping the globe year after year offer irrefutable, tangible evidence we are in the midst of a climate crisis. We all have a responsibility to act now, and that’s just what Dane County government is doing,” said Parisi. “By investing in clean fuel infrastructure and becoming net zero in carbon emissions for our buildings and fleet by 2030, Dane County will be a leading voice of what is possible for the public and private sectors to help combat the disturbing trends of climate change.”

The renewable fuel injected into the pipeline at the Dane County Landfill comes from rotting trash and renewable natural gas brought in from manure digesters. It powers trucks and vehicles across the region, reducing diesel and carbon emissions. In fact, since Dane County launched its NGV initiative years ago, almost half of its fleet of 60 highway snowplows are now powered by CNG. Across all of county government, there are now 100 CNG vehicles and 17 electric vehicles and hybrids. Parisi’s 2022 budget expands this initiative with over $5 million for the purchase of CNG trailers to help fuel up the Dane County Highway fleet in areas of the county where CNG stations are less available.

Additionally, Parisi is including nearly $2 million for installation of a new CNG station at the Fish Hatchery Road Highway garage and $3.2 million for the purchase of eight more CNG powered snow plows. All told, this more than $10 million investment in clean fuel infrastructure further reduces Dane County’s reliance on diesel and expands the reach of renewables into more rural parts of the county.

Dane County’s Renewable Natural Gas plant is on track for a record year of clean burning fuel production and revenue generation. The facility that converts gas from the landfill into CNG for vehicle fuel is projected to displace 4,750,000 gallons of gasoline this year, reducing emissions equivalent to traveling 106 million miles less on the road. The impact on carbon emission reductions is the same as planting 700,000 trees.


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