Two new bio-LNG truck stations open in southern Sweden


Two new bio-LNG truck stations open in southern Sweden

Gasum has opened two new natural gas stations in Sweden, one is located on a site leased from IKEA’s Torsvik warehouse, in Jönköping, and the other in Örebro, where Gasum also has a biogas plant. Both facilities offer LNG and bio-LNG for heavy-duty vehicles. In addition to Jönköping and Örebro, Gasum’s stations that are already operational in Sweden can be found in Västerås and Norrköping.

“The expanding filling station network supports logistics companies operating in Sweden that want to reduce their carbon footprint. Jönköping station has a great location near Torsvik’s IKEA warehouse along the main highway in Jönköping. In addition, it’s a good continuation to the circular economy cooperation Gasum has with IKEA Finland,” said Mikael Antonsson, Director, Traffic, Gasum Sweden.

At Örebro, there is also a Gasum biogas plant, which through its adherence to circular economy principles, produces renewable energy and manufactures ecological biofertilizer from biodegradable feedstocks, mainly originating from the local agricultural sector. Gasum is planning to invest in developing the existing biogas plant in Örebro into liquefaction of the biogas to increase production capacity.

Gasum is planning to create a network of around 20 filling stations for heavy duty vehicles in Sweden and Finland by the end of the year, with 12 of the sites to be located in Sweden, and to introduce a total of 50 new stations in the Nordics by the early 2020s. The new facilities are targeted to the long-haul transport segment, where energy consumption is highest, and will be located in high-traffic areas, enabling significant increases in the use of LNG and bio-LNG in heavy-duty transport.

“Customer demand for cleaner fuels for HDVs is increasing rapidly, which is why we at Gasum, together with our partners, are focusing on developing the natural gas infrastructure and filling station network across the Nordics. For logistics companies, LNG and bio-LNG are a necessity in the transition to a carbon neutral future. At the same time, they enable significant savings in fuel costs,” added Antonsson.

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