Trade mission on hydrogen gathers key actors from Spain and Scotland

Trade mission on hydrogen gathers key actors from Spain and Scotland

The Spanish company Calvera for high pressure compressed gas transport and storage systems has played a key role in this trade mission held in Zaragoza, gathering leading international actors on fuel cells and hydrogen from Aragon and Scotland. This trade mission was promoted by the Regional Government of Aragon through the Foundation for the Development of New Hydrogen Technologies in Aragon and by the Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association, SHFCA.

As well as sponsoring this reverse mission, Calvera, a trustee in the Foundation for the Development of Hydrogen Technologies in Aragon, has strengthened its international ties through its participation in technical meetings and by showing the other 22 participants, R&D centers and institutions, its center for development and manufacturing in its new plant in Epila (Zaragoza).

During this visit, the Aragonese company had the opportunity to display some of its systems, including: 20 foot containers for hydrogen storage up to 300 bar pressure with composite bottles, with CSC certification (containers) and ADR certification (transport of dangerous goods by road); bundles for hydrogen storage up to 450 bars, certified for Pressured Equipment transport (TPED).

Seizing the opportunity provided by this international gathering, Calvera presented a new and highly innovative product for its CNG and Biogas line: an NG-POD distribution system, a module for compressed gas transportation at 250 bars for a range of low and medium consumption clients. This distribution system allows ease of turnover at the consumption point according to the clients’ specific needs, thanks to the optimized swift replacement of full and empty NG-Pods. It is a suitable solution to cater for the demand coming from those gas distribution companies having to supply gas to populations in remote areas  either scattered or mountainous-, or to those clients in the tertiary sector, with low consumption and distant from conventional transport infrastructures.

Currently, Calvera group is present in Scotland as a partner in several projects dealing with hydrogen transport and storage. Amongst them, we find one of the most ambitious European initiatives, BIG HIT (Building Innovative Green Hydrogen Systems in an Isolated Territory: a pilot for Europe). With a near 11 million euro budget –5 million coming from the European Commission- BIG HIT is developing an infrastructure for the production, storage and distribution of hydrogen with a view to supplying power locally on the Orkney Islands from renewable sources such as wind power or tidal power.

This project is heir to the previous initiative, Surf’ n’ Turf, which having Calvera as a supplier, sought the promotion of the local production, storage and distribution of hydrogen from renewable sources on the Orkneys. Likewise, the Spanish company is involved in The Hydrogen Office project, supplying hydrogen storage equipment and supplying power and heating for a block of buildings in the Scottish town of Methil.

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