Toyota Argentina unveils CNG Etios

Toyota Argentina unveils CNG Etios

Toyota Argentina presented a CNG propulsion system, developed together with TA Gas Technology (recognized by its brand TA Tomasetto Achille), for new Toyota Etios Sedan cars in all the model’s versions. This launch is the result of 14 months of development, the automaker said.

The CNG system was customized exclusively for the Etios model. The arrangement of its components ensures non-interference with mechanical or electrical parts, since patterns are used in the installation processes that allow all units to be the same, respecting the approved designs. The guidelines for the development of the fuel system were: safety, installation, durability and performance, with a meticulous validation plan allowing the system to follow the guarantee of 5 years or 150,000 km (whichever comes first).

Another important aspect regarding the safety of the TA natural gas system developed for the Etios is the approved cylinder support, in which the support area is shaped by laser cutting, which allows copying the geometry of the trunk floor and achieving a proper weight distribution. For its anchoring, 4 “U” shaped counterparts are used that fit the chassis, avoiding its deformation and maximizing the fit.

In this fuel system, the technology of multipoint sequential injection of natural gas that is managed by an electronic control unit ECU is complemented with a computer that allows to optimize the ignition advance in gas operation. The combination of both devices makes it possible to generate an operating map with which the best performance is obtained, with a reduction in torque of only 4% and 9% of power.

The ECO mode indicator, located on the instrument panel of the Etios, will help driving with maximum savings, since it lights up when only CNG is being used. To protect the engine components, under certain driving conditions, the vehicle works in blend mode, where the TA VSR technology allows the dosing of gasoline supplies that vary depending on the engine refueling requirements. TA VSR system avoids inappropriate combustion chamber temperatures that can lead to premature valve wear.

The system offers two storage options: a 58L and 60 kg steel cylinder, with which a range of 200 km is obtained, or a 70L light steel and fiber cylinder, also 60 kg, with which more than 280 km can be traveled.

To install the natural gas system in the Etios, the customer must request it at an official Toyota dealer, who will be responsible for coordinating the installation of the CNG kit with the workshop selected by TA Gas Technology.

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