Spanish service station operators plan to sell zero emission hydrogen

Spanish service station operators plan to sell zero emission hydrogen

The Spanish Confederation of Service Station Entrepreneurs (CEEES) signed a memorandum of understanding with Fusion Fuel Green, a technology company dedicated to the production of green hydrogen. The alliance seeks to jointly develop the green hydrogen production capacity in Spain and supply it at a competitive cost to CEEES members to deploy a hydrogen refueling network in the country.

Under the agreement, Fusion Fuel will be the preferred provider of electrolyzer technology for CEEES, through its solution called HEVO-SOLAR, to deliver green hydrogen at a competitive cost to its partners’ service stations. Fusion Fuel technology uses solar radiation to produce green hydrogen without carbon emissions and can be implemented in a modular way, making it an ideal solution to be implemented throughout the country to meet the future increase in the fleet of fuel cell vehicles.

CEEES is firmly committed to leading the transition to sustainable mobility. In fact, the San Antonio Service Station in Madrid, associated with CEEES, houses Spain’s first hydrogen supply point for long-range fuel cell vehicles. CEEES and Fusion Fuel will develop small-scale hydrogen production plants located at their own service stations grouped under the umbrella of the confederation, allowing to expand the production network while the market for fuel cell vehicles develops.

“One of our strategic objectives is the production of more than 20,000 tons of green hydrogen per year by 2025 in our own projects, and we believe that the zero-emission transport opportunity in Spain will help us achieve that goal. Thanks to the excellent solar resource in Spain, our HEVO-SOLAR solution will be able to produce an extremely competitive green hydrogen,” said Joao Wahnon, Head of Business Development at Fusion Fuel.

The president of CEEES Jorge de Benito also commented: “With the inauguration of the first hydrogen filling station at 700 bars in Spain last January, CEEES has demonstrated its intention to be a pioneer in the future of sustainable mobility in Spain. Our alliance with Fusion Fuel reaffirms this commitment and will allow us to harness best-in-class technology to produce truly competitive green hydrogen only from sunlight with zero emissions.”

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