Spanish city of Chiclana approves use of CNG in all municipal vehicles

Spanish city of Chiclana approves use of CNG in all municipal vehicles

The Chiclana Local Government Board approved the municipal strategy in relation to the efficient and sustainable use of municipal vehicles, “adopting as a general criterion the use of compressed natural gas for the entire fleet of municipal vehicles, as well as those vehicles necessary for the provision of services by companies subcontracted by the City Council,” explained the government spokeswoman CándidaVerdier.

In addition to this, the Chiclana City Council actively participates in other initiatives related to sustainable development and the efficient consumption of resources, such as the All Gas project in which the municipal company Chiclana Natural together with the Aqualia firm and another group of companies and European entities have developed an innovative venture that promotes the production of biomethane for vehicular use.

“Taking all this into account, we consider it necessary to carry out initiatives that contribute to achieving the established objectives through the efficient and sustainable use of municipal vehicles,” said Verdier, adding that “CNG adoption for the entire fleet of municipal vehicles is currently proposed as the most sustainable option, both environmentally and economically, especially if we consider it is a source of energy we can obtain from the processes generated at the municipal level, specifically at El Torno Wastewater Treatment Plant. This fuel enables significant levels of reduction in CO2, NOx and particulate emissions from vehicles.”

“So, the City Council, based on the approval of this strategy, will work so that the entire municipal fleet uses this fuel, being a commitment to sustainability and the environment. We know first-hand the good results of this fuel and the cars that use it, because Chiclana Natural already has up to seven vehicles that are powered by CNG. The tests are done and the results are good, so the bet is safe and guaranteed,” concluded the government spokeswoman.

This new project is part of the Agenda Urbana Chiclana 2030 program, whose objective is to improve the quality of life of people and, in this case, this strategy for municipal fleet vehicles and sustainable development will be one of the pillars to achieve that goal.

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