Spain’s first industrial-scale biogas biological purification plant opens


Spain’s first industrial-scale biogas biological purification plant opens

The facilities of Edar Bens SA (Wastewater Treatment Plant of A Coruña) now feature a pilot biogas purification module, the only one in Spain and one of the few that exists in the world. The new plant is part of the second phase of the Renewable Gas Mixed Unit, an R&D project that since 2016 is being developed by Naturgy, EnergyLab and Edar Bens SA with the support of the Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN).

The biological purification plant uses hydrogenotrophic bacteria (archaea) for the production of biomethane. The new system takes advantage of the surplus of CO2 from the first module of the Mixed Unit, which uses a pioneer membrane technology in Spain, to obtain biomethane from the wastewater treated at Edar Bens SA.

“It is about the generation of renewable gas in a biological way, which represents a milestone in the field of bioenergy and circular economy. This research project puts A Coruña and Galicia at the forefront of renewable energy research and is an example of collaboration between public and private companies for sustainable development,” said the CEO of Edar Bens SA Carlos Lamora.

“It is an important achievement that positions Galicia not only as a benchmark for innovation but also as an example to follow in terms of decarbonization. All this thanks to the transformation of a CO2, which already has a neutral character, into an alternative and renewable fuel,” commented the technical managers of the project and of EnergyLab Angela Rodríguez and David Meana.

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