Spain: Valladolid invests € 20 million to acquire new natural gas buses

Spain: Valladolid invests € 20 million to acquire new natural gas buses

The Board of Directors of AUVASA (Valladolid bus operator) approved the framework agreement for the acquisition of 57 CNG buses, with a value of 20,140,000 euros, which will allow the renewal of about 40% of the current fleet. The agreement provides for the renewal of rigid and articulated vehicles, with planned units of 35 rigid and 22 articulated buses.

This is the largest renewal of the fleet in the last 20 years, which will reduce the average age to eight years, a significant renovation considering that the current age is 12.78 years. The bidding process will begin immediately, with the aim of having the first buses by the end of 2021.

In addition, the new buses represent an improvement from the environmental point of view, in accordance with the energy efficiency levels of CNG-powered buses compared to conventional ones, with lower levels of polluting emissions of NO2 and particles, reduction of noise pollution and a significant improvement in ride and driving comfort. It should be remembered that AUVASA has a recently installed a natural gas station that will allow the refueling of all these new vehicles.

Regarding the technical requirements of the buses, they must have engines in accordance with the Euro VI/D regulations, with low polluting emissions and reduced noise levels, powered by CNG, with a rigid body of 12 meters and/or articulated of 18 meters.

All of them will have three doors, which favors not only access to the vehicle but also ventilation levels and interior air renewal, a key aspect in the current context of the COVID-19 pandemic, but which will remain in the future as one of the indicators of quality in the service.

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