Spain: more than 85% of Murcia public transport fleet runs on CNG


Spain: more than 85% of Murcia public transport fleet runs on CNG

The mayor of Murcia José Ballesta, together with the Councilor for Youth and Sustainable Mobility Rebeca Pérez, presented the new vehicles that will be added to the municipal public transport fleet: two buses and two minibuses that run on natural gas and that will improve the service quality, adding more seating capacity and reducing pollution and the emission of particles up to 99%.

The urban transport service of Murcia, which began with 24 buses, currently has a fleet of 36 vehicles. Of this fleet, 31 of them already run on CNG: 18 minibuses with 18 seats plus 1 PMR, 2 minibuses with 31 seats plus 1 PMR, and 11 buses with 74 seats plus 1 PMR.

The recent incorporation is part of Murcia Metropolitan Mobility Plan, the city council’s new transport model, which will favor sustainable mobility with new clean means of transport and will allow to reorder and implement the lines that provide the service between Murcia and districts.

“Successful cities in the future will be those that achieve an intelligent balance in the different components of the following urban trilogy: economic competitiveness, social cohesion and environmental sustainability,” said Balleta.

With a total investment of 800,000 euros, financed entirely by the concessionaire, the four new vehicles total 212 seats. “In 2016 we already increased the fleet with two new vehicles, now we do it with four more and, in the next two years, we will add another six new buses to the fleet,” the official concluded.

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