Spain: HAM adds Scania LNG trucks to transport cryogenic gas

Spain: HAM adds Scania LNG trucks to transport cryogenic gas

HAM, pioneer in the use of liquefied natural gas in Europe, now has the experience and resources to

provide the full service of the liquefied and compressed natural gas in its various (industrial, vehicular

and distribution) applications. To perform these services it has a fleet of about 150 vehicles carrying gas

and recently it has introduced two LNG-powered trucks manufactured by Scania.

The newly acquired trucks, Scania G340 LA 4X2 MNA GNL with CG19H cabin, offer a maximum torque of

1,600 Nm and have a range of 1,000 km. thanks to its two LNG tanks with a capacity of 150 kg and 115

kg respectively. The two vehicles are performing transportation of cryogenic gases, as they have the ADR

certification to carry dangerous goods.

HAM, which operates LNG vehicles since 1999 and uses its own refueling network, has opted for Scania

LNG trucks “for their reliability and the brand’s quality. Newly incorporated vehicles are giving good

consumption results; we believe that Scania’s product is technologically advanced. We look forward to

working with them,” said Victor Bandera, HAM logistics manager.

The agreement, made through ScaITT (Scania dealer in Barcelona), also includes financing services as

well as a repair and maintenance contract.

“We cover the whole cycle of natural gas and the whole company is focused on a philosophy of work

involved 100% with natural gas. Therefore, we benefited from lower gas prices compared to diesel and

our drivers know how to make the most out of these vehicles and appreciate the advantages such as low

noise and reduced CO2 emissions, among others,” Bandera added.

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