Spain: Disfrimur boosts sustainable logistics, expands NGV fleet

Spain: Disfrimur boosts sustainable logistics, expands NGV fleet

Disfrimur, which since 1997 provides logistics services to the agro-food chain, manufacturers, distributors and supermarkets, has acquired LNG Scania trucks as part of its commitment to efficient and sustainable transport and support to the environment. The new tractors, which join a fleet of more than 500 vehicles, have a 13-liter engine of 410 HP and a maximum torque of 2,000 Nm, and are powered by LNG. With this incorporation, natural gas vehicles represent more than 15% of Disfrimur’s fleet.

To always keep these vehicles ready, the acquisition is accompanied by a repair and maintenance contract. Likewise, drivers have received training to obtain maximum vehicle performance, achieve efficient driving in search of lower fuel consumption and perform simple refueling of LNG in an agile and safe way.

“The fleet continues to be renewed and refined to comply with our motto of transporting more with less, more merchandise with less resources, so it continues to improve cargo capacity and reduce consumption and emissions, incorporating lighter and less polluting vehicles,” explained Juan Jesús Sánchez Serrano, General Director of Disfrimur Group.

“Disfrimur, currently has a large and modern fleet, being a part of it propelled by natural gas, which means a reduction of our emissions of CO2, NOx and solid particles in suspension. Our goal is to promote a business model in which the social, economic and environmental improvement are integrated with responsible and efficient management,” added Sánchez.

To analyze this extremely positive scenario for natural gas and sustainable road transport, and evaluate the latest in alternative fuel technologies for clean mobility, AltFuels Iberia 2020 will be held on 5-9 October at IFEMA Trade Fair Center in Madrid. For more information, please

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