Spain: Carrefour debuts natural gas delivery trucks

Spain: Carrefour debuts natural gas delivery trucks

Carrefour, within its CO2 reduction strategy, became the first distribution company in Spain to incorporate into its fleet natural gas trucks with three types of temperatures to deliver e-commerce orders, along with similar delivery vans. These vehicles reduce the emission of nitrogen oxides (NOx) by up to 99% and the levels of particles by 95%, compared to other diesel engines, and also reduce noise pollution.

Inside the trucks the company installed a box system of three temperatures with three independent chambers (frozen, refrigerated and dry), each adapted to a suitable temperature. In this way, each product can travel in its respective environment, arriving at the point of delivery in perfect conditions. Carrefour will progressively increase the number of these CNG vehicles with three temperatures in all Spain.

Carrefour is working on policies on quality, prevention, health, food safety, product safety and environmental protection, and bases its CSR approach on three pillars: combating all forms of waste, promoting biodiversity protection and sharing with business partners to evolve together.

Carrefour’s online sales platform is already a benchmark in Spanish e-commerce with 100 million visits, half a million references and 700,000 orders in 2016. Its online food supermarket has 24,000 items, the largest online assortment of fresh food in Spain, and is the first to provide service and coverage to 95% of the population.

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