SEAT launches rental service with CNG cars on a daily and hourly basis


SEAT launches rental service with CNG cars on a daily and hourly basis

Carsharing is much easier and more convenient today for urbanites. In the framework of its mobility services provider strategy, SEAT is launching a carsharing pilot program at Castellana Motor, which will begin with the SEAT Ibiza CNG model.

The cost of the service, which is available to both SEAT customers and the general public alike, starts at 2 euros per hour, including fuel and insurance, plus a variable price per kilometer driven. It will be operated by the dealership using technology by Respiro, the pioneering carsharing platform in Madrid which was purchased by SEAT in early 2018 and is managed by XMOBA, an independent group company that identifies, develops, commercializes and invests in new mobility solutions.

With this move, the Castellana Motor dealership is going to supplement Respiro’s current network of over 100 carsharing bases in the city. Castellana Motor’s initial offer will begin with the SEAT Ibiza TGI model, the brand’s natural gas bi-fuel. As this model carries the environmental ECO label, carsharing enthusiasts will enjoy additional benefits such as free access to downtown Madrid’s new low-emission zone, permission to drive and park in the centre during periods of pollution response, or a 50% reduction in regulated parking payment, among others.

XMOBA Executive Director Arantxa Alonso pointed out that “this pilot project is an important step in our commitment to finding and developing future mobility solutions that are sustainable and efficient. The possibility of offering Respiro through SEAT dealerships will enable us to provide our customers with carsharing as a new form of mobility, as well as involve our dealers in the transformation process of mobility.”

With this pilot programme, SEAT aims to provide a carsharing solution to drivers who do not have a private vehicle as well as offer customers who leave their vehicle in the repair shop a mobility solution that is sustainable, easy and affordable.

SEAT is committed to becoming a new benchmark mobility provider. In this sense, the brand put a fleet of electric eMii prototypes into operation for the close to 1,000 employees at the Pier 01 Barcelona Tech City, where the SEAT Metropolis:Lab Barcelona is located. Likewise, SEAT launched the Connected Sharing initiative in 2017, a carsharing service for the company’s more than 15,000 employees that enables them to use and share available vehicles for commuting or personal business. This service will be transferred shortly to Respiro.

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