Scania shares benefits of CNG urban transport in southern Argentina

Scania shares benefits of CNG urban transport in southern Argentina

Through two events in the provinces of Neuquén and Río Negro and with the presence of authorities from both jurisdictions, Scania shared the advantages of the Green Efficiency line of urban buses, which represents another key step on the way to the development of a sustainable transportation.

With respect to the CNG bus that was presented, the main advantages are reflected in the operating costs (compared to diesel it is 40% lower), making it the best option for short and medium distance routes. They are designed under a concept of efficiency for the transport of passengers, which means greater comfort and quality of life; and they have a high security system.

This vehicle, which has already been trialed in Córdoba, will now be tested on the streets of Neuquén and will be the first bus in the city running on an environmentally friendly fuel. The unit will be operated by Pehuenche, a local transport company.

“This is an announcement that describes a modern city, and we are a modern city where we provide a public transport service in which we are working to improve substantially. We are currently developing a project so that, in March 2021, we can carry out a tender with efficient public transport, with characteristics like these that we are seeing, taking care of the environment, taking care of the emission of gases, taking care of future generations and taking care of the rivers,” said Mayor Mariano Gaido in the Neuquén act, where the governor Omar Gutiérrez was also present.

“There is enormous awareness at the international level regarding sustainable transport policies that have already begun to be adopted in different parts of the world and, as signatories of the United Nations Global Compact and members of its Board of Directors, at Scania we work permanently to develop actions that point that way. Gas vehicles are an ecological option that strongly helps to reduce the carbon footprint, and that makes them an efficient and competitive alternative for the carriers, who can offer greater benefits to its customers,” said the CEO of Scania Argentina Andrés Leonard.

Scania’s 2020 report

Scania Argentina also presented its second sustainability report and its sales results for the year, whose main milestone is the leadership of the market share of the heavy duty segment with 31%. In a 2020 marked by the pandemic, the company maintained its commitment to the development of more sustainable and efficient transport.

In addition to leading in heavy truck sales, Scania led the intercity and long-distance bus segment with 45% of the market share. Regarding sales of natural gas vehicles, the brand sold 50 trucks of the Green Efficiency line, powered by CNG and LNG. Another great protagonist was the fleet of the Demo Trucks program, which in 2020 carried out 120 tests, of which 25% were with CNG-powered vehicles.

At the beginning of March, Scania launched its Green Efficiency line in Argentina, made up of trucks, buses and engines designed to run on alternative fuels such as natural gas and biogas, which reduce polluting emissions by up to 20% and operating costs by 40%.

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