Scania introduces LNG-powered truck in the Mexican market

Scania introduces LNG-powered truck in the Mexican market

Scania wants to be a leader in transforming the transport industry, which emits between 12 and 14% of the global carbon footprint, towards a more sustainable one. For this reason, it has committed to reducing polluting emissions from its industrial and commercial operations by 50% by 2025, compared to 2015. However, these operations represent only 20% of the carbon footprint generated by the company, so Scania also wants to work on the environmental impact of the vehicles they market.

“At Scania Mexico we believe that there is no solution that works for everything, which is why we have the broadest and most efficient portfolio of technologies and applications in Mexico with the firm objective of helping our customers reduce their carbon footprint on the planet,” said Alejandro Mondragón, CEO and President of Scania Mexico.

Scania Mexico’s commitment is to use fuels that are environmentally-friendly while reaching its closest goal: electrification. That is why they are presenting an LNG-powered tractor in the country, the Scania G410 LNG. Énestas, one of the main LNG distributors in Mexico, has already acquired the first vehicles with this technology to strengthen its commitment to the environment.

This commercial alliance will allow Scania to continue promoting alternative fuels to diesel for the transition to electrification, as well as to further reduce polluting emissions from its vehicles. This will translate into a 99% saving in particulate matter and an 80% reduction in NOx emissions.

Énestas’ mission is to promote the development of Mexico, which it will support through collaboration with Scania. “We were looking for a partner that had the technology and prestige in its products to be able to innovate the transportation industry, in addition to being in a constant search for actions that result in less impact on the environment,” said Carlos Boone, Director of Intelligence at Business and Government of Énestas.

The official launch of the new cargo solution in Mexico will be in July. With this, Scania will pave the way towards more sustainable mobility, hand in hand with its new commercial partner, Énestas.

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