Scania helps renew Mallorca public transport with eco-friendly buses

Scania helps renew Mallorca public transport with eco-friendly buses

The new transport system of the TIB CTM, Consorcio de Transportes de Mallorca, was recently presented, based on a reorganization of lines reducing from 11 to three operators and a total renovation of the vehicle fleet, going from old diesel buses to modern and efficient Euro 6 buses. In this renewal, natural gas technology prevails due to its exceptional ecological characteristics, as well as its performance and operating costs at the same level as a diesel vehicle, or even improved.

Of the total of 216 buses that make up the TIB CTM fleet, 198 are powered by natural gas and are 18 electric. Scania is supplying 186 vehicles, 93% of the fleet, being the majority winner of the three lots into which the new service is divided.

For this challenge, the latest generation CNG Euro 6 technology has been chosen, with a proposal that, in collaboration with Castrosua, builds six different bus models to cover urban, metropolitan and commuter services in lengths of 12, 15 and 18m. All vehicles share the exact same powertrain, but with different combinations of low-floor, low-entry and high-floor body styles and with autonomies ranging from 450km to 700km.

The TIB CTM transport system together with the EMT de Palma, which recently acquired 28 Scania natural gas articulated buses, demonstrate the development of this alternative fuel as an integral solution to public transport systems and Scania’s commitment to economic and ecological sustainability, in a technology with total operating costs that are cheaper than diesel.

Furthermore, the engines of these vehicles could run on 100% biomethane, which represents a real opportunity to reduce emissions and generate a circular economy where waste management in the area becomes an energy opportunity for mobility.

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