Scania Argentina unveils CNG bus, it will operate soon in Buenos Aires


Scania Argentina unveils CNG bus, it will operate soon in Buenos Aires

Scania Argentina has officially launched the first bus powered by natural gas that will circulate on route 132. The bus was bodied by Marcopolo K280 in its Torino Low Entry model. The launch is part of the Swedish brand’s plans to lead the change towards a cleaner urban transport system and will be part of the Sustainable Mobility Program of the Transportation Secretariat of the City of Buenos Aires.

“We want to transform the transport system that represents a problem, since 30% of greenhouse emissions are made by transport in general – cargo and passengers – and we are part of the problem and we have decided to be an active part of the solution,” said the General Director of Scania Andrés Leonard.

Since December, Scania Argentina has been conducting a pilot test on route 132 with a biodiesel bus. Now it will incorporate to the same line this CNG bus that will make the daily route of 200 kilometers covering Flores – Once – Retiro – Once – Flores.

The Scania bus features a 9-liter, five-cylinder, Otto cycle engine with a power output of 280 HP. It is equipped with four CNG tanks that are installed in the bus roof. The capacity of these tanks is 860 liters which is equivalent to 193 m3 of compressed natural gas and allows it to have a range of around 290 kilometers, so the bus will be able to complete the entire route without the need to refuel.

The time to refuel is 15 minutes if it is done in normal CNG stations, with a small nozzle, where private cars and taxis refuel; if it is done with a thick nozzle the refueling would take only 3-5 minutes, practically the same as diesel.

According to the brand, this CNG engine is the most modern in the world and has a very good energy efficiency with high torque at low turns. This feature allows reducing fuel consumption, decreasing breaks and stops with higher durability, and significantly cutting the noise level with improved passenger comfort. The emissions are another point in favor and the main objective when using this type of natural gas engine that greatly exceeds the requirements of Euro 6 standard.

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