Romania: new biogas plant will be built in Satu Mare County

Romania: new biogas plant will be built in Satu Mare County

Banca Comerciala Romana (BCR) financed an investment by First Biogaz SRL, a member of Austria-based BIOGEST, in the building of a biogas plant in the Ardud locality, Satu Mare County. The facility, which involves an investment worth approximately EUR 5.3 million, has an installed capacity of 1.5 MW, the generated electricity being enough to cover the needs of 4,500 households.

“From its position as a leader of the Romanian banking system, BCR confirmed the strategy of sustaining development of the local economy, including in the renewable energy sector, the more as investments in biogas and biomass are in line with the new development trends in the energy industry, as established by the relevant authorities,” explained Ioana Gheorghiade, Executive Manager with the Public Sector and Infrastructure Financing Division of the BCR.

Built using the Biogest PowerRing technology, tested and confirmed in numerous occasions, this biogas plant features the benefits of energy efficiency and reliability, while also saving space with its modular design. For the first time, the Ardud-based plant will not only use energy crops, but also agricultural by-products such as maize straw on a large scale. R&D activities focus on exploring the potential for using alternative raw materials with the aim of reducing substrate costs and creating the perfect symbiosis between food production and power generation.

Given the general economic situation and considerable agricultural resources available, Romania is a worthwhile location for investments in renewable energy from biogas. This first Biogest biogas plant in Romania is therefore not only an attractive investment, but also sends a positive signal for a number of future projects.

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