Role of gas on the road to recovery (Eastern edition)

In his opening remark Joe Kang, IGU President, explained how natural gas, renewable gas & hydrogen gas played an important role, in delivering reliable affordable sustainable energy to billions of people around the world.

(04:38 – 13:39)

The webinar was moderated by Professor Paul Stevens, Chatham House, London –

The 4 topics that were the focal points of discussion were : 1. the energy transition and gas –  history of energy transitions in the UK, France & USA,

  1. gas as the bridging fuel or gas as a destination fuel.

3  the impact of the COVID pandemic especially on whether the transition will slow down due to pandemic or speed up.

  1. Government stimulus packages, their regional dimension; differentiating between OCED countries and emerging market economies.


(14:18 – 22:10)

Ajay Shah, Vice President, SHELL Energy Asia –

Through his presentation he made the panelists aware of the countries that have announced net zero emissions(NZE) targets during 2020. He presented a bar graph of gas demand growth by sector(power, industry, transport etc) and in different regions (Asia, Africa, Europe, America) and the projection by 2040. He also highlighted the benefits of using gas in the iron and steel industry, with supporting data.

(22:21 – 27:06)

Shigeru Muraki, Executive Advisor, Tokyo Gas-

He said natural gas has been taking an important role in decarbonization with options for decarbonization in natural gas supply. He discussed on ammonia and hydrogen fuel, challenges in transportation, the roadmap of fuel green & blue ammonia value chain, their utilization, preparation with implementation years.

(27:06 – 33:40)

Konstantin Limitovskiy, Vice President Investment Operation, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank –

Mr Limitovsky highlighted some perspective of the bank’s view on the role of infrastructure and the importance of its interconnection with the gas sector for a  broader economy. He stated how they ensure finance for sustainable economic development in Asia and help Asian countries to address climate change and support the efforts to achieve their commitments under the Paris agreement.

(34:50 – 41:27)

Hazli Sham Kassim, IGU regional Coordinator, South and Southeast Asia President, Malaysian Gas Association –

Keeping in mind the IEA report, he said that the demand for energy in Asia will increase and also mentioned that, at present, there is a large number of people in Asia who are still deprived of using electricity and clean energy. Further, he discussed the expansion of the Malaysian Gas Association and also showed their efforts to make new national policies with the government.

(42:00 – 47:33)

Tnag Shanhua, Deputy General Manager, Production and Operation PipeChina – Presenting the data of Global GDP and Neutral Gas Consumption, he pointed towards the targets set by China to achieve carbon neutral by the year 2060. He discussed pipeChina’s plans to establish an invasion international network, open the pipeline capacities of LNG containers and underground storage facilities to contribute to the economic recovery.

(48:20 – 53:00)

Ivan Marten, Senior Partner Emeritus BCG –

To achieve responsible growth and recovery, he mentioned that gas resources provide attractive opportunities for both countries and companies in three main areas.  is they are – 1. power generation, 2. industrial development, and  3. exports. However, gas development requires massive investments. He expressed that the world will need gas to support the development of economies and renewable energy in the coming years .


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