Redexis and Cepsa’s first service station now also offers CNG

Redexis and Cepsa’s first service station now also offers CNG

Redexis and Cepsa have expanded their first natural gas filling station to light vehicles. The facility, opened earlier this year and located at exit 649 of the Autovía del Mediterráneo (A-7) passing through Puerto Lumbreras, already allowed LNG refueling to all types of heavy vehicles.

The station now has a dispenser capable of supplying CNG to light vehicles in a refueling time of 3-6 minutes. The use of CNG is an alternative that is being incorporated in short and medium distance transport vehicles, light commercial vehicles and passenger cars.

This natural gas station is located in a strategic point for the transport of goods, where between 5,000 and 8,000 heavy vehicles circulate every day, since it is the main communication route between Barcelona and Algeciras. It is also an important hub for light vehicles between Andalusia and Levante. Redexis has made an investment of nearly one million euros to carry out its construction.

“At Cepsa we seek to add value to our customers by offering all kinds of energy solutions and diversifying our offer. We continue to make progress in the energy transition, consolidating the largest natural gas mobility network in Spain, for both light and heavy transport,” said Belén Mateo, Director of Franchise and Direct Management of Service Stations at Cepsa.

Moreover, Javier Migoya, Director of Tertiary and Industrial Expansion (B2B) of Redexis, said: “We celebrate the expansion for refueling of light vehicles from this first natural gas station together with Cepsa, which means continuing to promote the energy infrastructures necessary so that professionals and citizens have more economical, sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility solutions. From Redexis we continue to advance in our firm commitment to promote natural gas as a real alternative for sustainable mobility.”

In June 2019, Redexis and Cepsa agreed to create the largest network of LNG and CNG refueling stations in Spain, with the aim of expanding the supply of energy solutions and promoting sustainable mobility.

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