Province of North-Holland awards €500,000 for LNG bunkering project

Province of North-Holland awards €500,000 for LNG bunkering project

Titan  LNG has  been  given  the  award  and  a  subsidy  of  € 500.000 by the  Province of North-Holland to support the construction of its LNG bunkering pontoon:  the  Titan LNG Flex-Fueler. The Flex-Fueler project was selected under the Province’s ‘Clean Harbor Program’ and was chosen for the impact Titan LNG will have in reducing harmful emissions from  large, highly polluting, ships operating in the region.

Niels den Nijs, CEO of Titan LNG commented: “We are excited to receive this contribution to build our flexible LNG bunkering solution, which will undoubtedly provide LNG as a marine fuel in the region with a major boost. The support from the Province has been outstanding. Ships in the region are a major contributor to high pollution levels of Sulfur Oxide (SOx), Nitrogen Oxide (SOx) and Particulate Matter (PM), which can cause serious damage to human health. LNG offers a cheap and very clean alternative fuel for ships. We are also excited to see the feedback from our customers, which confirms that there is growing demand for LNG from inland water barges and seagoing vessels at attractive prices.”

Jaap Bond, Representative from the province of North-Holland added:  “I am very pleased that the subsidy for the development of more sustainable Seaports is given to very diverse projects. The Flex-Fueler from Titan LNG appeals to me because of the innovative nature of the bunkering pontoon, the first of its kind in the world. In the port of Amsterdam, the Flex-Fueler will accelerate the transition to LNG as a cleaner marine fuel. The development of the Flex-Fueler has already drawn interest from other European ports.”

The cost for building and operating the Flex-Fueler are dramatically lower then LNG bunker barges or LNG bunker ships but the functionality of the LNG bunkering pontoon combined with a push boat resembles the full functionality of LNG bunker ships.

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