President Piñera opens Chile’s first green hydrogen station

President Piñera opens Chile’s first green hydrogen station

The president of Chile Sebastián Piñera announced the opening of the country’s first green hydrogen station. The facility, owned and operated by Anglo American, will generate hydrogen from reused water from the same mining process and electricity from two solar plants located in the Colina district. The water will go through a demineralization process, the discharge of which will be used to feed the electrolyzer. There the electrolysis of water will take place, giving hydrogen as the main product and oxygen as a by-product, which will be returned to the atmosphere.

Through the electrolyzer with a production capacity of 2 kg of H2 per day, gaseous hydrogen is dispensed to a forklift that is driven by clean energy generated by a fuel cell, in addition this pilot project incorporates a stationary fuel cell, which reinjects energy into the operation’s electrical grid.

“Chile has a gigantic potential to become a world leading country in the production of green hydrogen,” said the president at the opening ceremony. “This is a clean, transportable, competitive and sustainable fuel, which will allow us a great reduction in CO2 emissions. We are fulfilling our commitment to combat this climate crisis and achieve an inclusive and sustainable development for Chile that involves all our compatriots and protects our environment and future generations.”

The first hydrogen station for zero-carbon vehicles in Chile is part of Anglo American’s Sustainable Mining Plan, which plans to achieve carbon neutrality in its operations in Chile by 2030.

“Chile plans to be a world leader in the production of green hydrogen, and at Anglo American we are convinced that the country has all the attributes to achieve this. We want to contribute to accelerating this agenda, with pioneering initiatives such as this hydrogen plant. The implementation of this project is a clear example of our long-term commitment to the country and to the development of an activity that generates value and benefits for all,” explained the Executive President of Anglo American in Chile, Aaron Puna.

“This step that we are taking today at the Anglo American facilities is very important for mining and for the hydrogen industry. For mining because hydrogen is going to allow it to reduce its carbon footprint, especially by replacing diesel in its equipment, such as this forklift, and we hope that soon in the mining trucks. Mining will probably be the most important source of demand for green hydrogen at the local level and, therefore, the commitment of mining to green hydrogen will accelerate the development of this industry that has tremendous potential for our country,” highlighted the Vice Minister of Mining and Energy, Juan Carlos Jobet.

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