Portuguese bus maker presents new hydrogen-powered model


Portuguese bus maker presents new hydrogen-powered model

Aware that each city has its own unique traits and challenges, CaetanoBus has expanded its zero-emission product portfolio with the development of a hydrogen-powered bus, the H2.City Gold. According to the company, this brand new bus is yet another way to expand environmentally friendly fleets and complement the ones that run on other alternative fuels.

Presenting a high environmental performance with no CO2 emissions, the H2.City Gold takes advantage of the best of Toyota technology and CaetanoBus’ engineering capacity. Thanks to the fast refueling time and the high range of the vehicle, bus operation is not limited, a major advantage for the operator. The bus has an autonomy of 400kms on a single refill, a differentiating feature in the fuel cell buses market.

It also stands out for its high modularity, comfort, safety and user-friendliness. Available in 10.7 or 12m, LHD and RHD versions, it is easily adaptable to any urban environment. Fuel tanks are stored on the vehicle roof, meeting the safety requirements. The bus is equipped with hydrogen leakage sensors in the fuel cell and hydrogen tanks.

This is an innovative product that reflects the economic and environmental benefits of hydrogen towards a decarbonized society, and is another significant step forward in the development of mobility solutions for zero-emission public passenger transport.

“We have the dream to combine our growth with urban sustainability and to build the future of cities with our partners. We can proudly say that we are prepared for the future of mobility with a wide range of zero-emission solutions,” said the company in a statement.


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