Port of Barcelona boosts sustainable mobility with 10 new ECO vehicles

Port of Barcelona boosts sustainable mobility with 10 new ECO vehicles

The Port of Barcelona has added 10 alternative energy vehicles to its service fleet, including NGVs and electric hybrids, thus reinforcing its environmental policy and its commitment to sustainable mobility. All vehicles have the ECO label from the Spanish DGT.

Seven of these vehicles went to the Department of Conservation and Aids to Navigation: a 19-meter-high truck equipped with a lifting crane for people, a load lifting platform, a vehicle specifically adapted to provide the water supply service to the fuselages, and four light vans assigned to the Navigation Aids service and which will be used for the conservation and maintenance of the lighthouses and the rest of the maritime signaling on the coast of Barcelona and Girona.

The first three commercial vehicles are equipped with dual fuel CNG-diesel engines. This system makes it possible to replace part of the diesel injected with natural gas, achieving a reduction in CO2 emissions and, especially, NOx, which is reduced by 90%. The four vans are prepared to run on LPG and gasoline.

Finally, the Port replaced three gasoline-powered passenger cars with electric micro-hybrid motorization units that also carry the ECO label.

The Port of Barcelona continues to work to achieve sustainable mobility within the port area by incorporating its own zero-emission vehicles or with an ECO environmental label (it currently has 42 electric vehicles and 10 with ECO label) and developing a charging infrastructure for the electric vehicles in its territory that serve both its fleet and the whole of the Port Community of Barcelona.




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