Poland: HAM completes new LNG station for Novatek Green Energy

Poland: HAM completes new LNG station for Novatek Green Energy

HAM Group has delivered an LNG refueling station to Novatek Green Energy, a subsidiary of Novatek PAO. Designed, built and commissioned by HAM Criogénica, the new facility is located in Zgorzelec, Poland

The service station has a vertical tank of 80m3 and a two LNG dispenser, which allows refueling trucks and heavy vehicles. The design made by HAM Criogénica allows an easy enlargement of the natural gas station, with two more LNG dispensers.

The project has been possible thanks to Novatek Green Energy, responsible for the sale of LNG and LPG in some European countries. The main goal of the company is to provide the finest-quality gas for customers, whilst guaranteeing the quality, safety and professional service. It has appropriate warehousing and logistics infrastructure, prepared for delivering gas to all Poland.

HAM Criogénica, in charge of developing the project for the Novatek Green Energy service station in Poland, has extensive experience in the field of LNG and with more than 300 projects carried out around the world, designing and building facilities for all types of industries and the naval sector.

HAM has designed and built 25% of the exiting LNG stations in Europe, which can be found in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland and the UK.


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